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Toolset Views Plugin

Present your data in any way you want

Toolset Views plugin for WordPress

Toolset Views is probably the most powerful of the plugins. With it you can present CPT data in many different ways.

  • Pagination; split long lists of data in to more manageable chunks with pagination
  • Sliders; you control what is shown, can be Posts, Pages, Media / Images, Taxonomies like Categories, Users, and Woocommerce products
  • Grids, Tables, Lists; you have many basic formats to choose from
  • Advanced Custom Searches; create Search pages with Text fields, Drop down lists, Check boxes, Ranges, etc.
  • Content Templates in View loops; style the output with HTML and CSS
  • Archive pages;
  • Visitor Sorting;
  • Relevanssi search integration;
  • Displaying Related Contents;
  • Conditional output;
  • Argument passing to Views;
  • Advanced filtering of data;

Read the thorough Views documentation at (affiliate links).

The first number of videos will cover how to setup your own CPTs with custom Taxonomies and Fields.