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Toolset Types Plugin

Setup your Custom Data

Toolset Types plugin for WordPress

The Types plugin is used to setup the following:

  • Custom Post Types (CPTs); such as a database of Toolset Developers around the world
  • Custom Taxonomies; for instance a taxonomy that lists the languages that the delvelopers above speak and understand
  • Custom Fields; the address, country and email to save in the database for each developer

You can also use Types to add fields to any existing CPTs, Users, and Term Fields. You can for instance add new fields to the Products CPT in WooCommerce, and add new fields to the registered users on your site.

With Types you can also make database connections between different content types and work with relational databases and set up post relationships.

Read the thorough Types documentation at (affiliate links).

The first number of videos will cover how to setup your own CPTs with custom Taxonomies and Fields.