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Toolset Layouts Plugin

Use Bootstrap and Drag-and-Drop

Toolset Layout plugin for WordPress

With this plugin you can make your own Layouts for specific pages or type of pages. It's kind of like a simpler Page Builder but fully integrated with all the other plugins in the Toolset suite.

You can layout the different content cells in a grid almost any way you want. There a cells for the following types on data:

  • Post Content
  • Visual Editor Cell for Fields, Text, Images, HTML
  • Sliders
  • Images
  • Grid of Cells
  • Widget Area
  • Content Template
  • WordPress Archives
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Menu
  • Single Widget
  • CRED Forms
  • Tabs and Accordions

You can read more about the basics at's page about Layouts.

You can even build your own WordPress Theme using the Toolset Layouts plugin.

We rarely use Toolset Layouts to create pages. The front page at the site blow is made with it but we are changing to Beaver Builder in a bit on the new site

We will not cover this plugin in the first videos we record.