Toolset WordPress plugin by OntheGoSystems Custom WordPress development without programming

Toolset for WordPress

Custom Post Types, Taxonomies & Fields Without Coding

When Posts and Pages aren’t enough, you need Toolset to build your own listing sites, directories, membership sites and shops.

Shorten development time and avoid the limitations of complex themes. You can build advanced sites quickly and easily with Toolset.

The Plugin Suite Toolset for WordPress, formerly called WP-types, is developed by OnTheGoSystems. They have also developed the plugin WPML Multilingual WordPress.

The Suite provides Custom Post Types (CPTs), Custom Taxonomies, Custom Fields, advanced Database Relationships, and integration with for instance WooCommerce and Google Maps in an easy way for your web projects.

The Plugin Set costs between US$69 and $299 depending on what features you need. You can see a full list of what is included in the different Account Levels on our Toolset Pricing Page (opens in a new tab).

One of the plugins used to be free on the WordPress repository but you now have to pay for the plugins.

Toolset has become our go to plugin in the past year or so for most of our projects. We have found very few limitations with it and it gives WordPress extra power and allows us to create scalable projects and databases.

It also works together with WPML for Multilingual web sites (opens in a new tab).

It consists of several Plugins that can handle the presentation of CPTs pretty much anywhere on a web page. You don't have to write any (or at least very little PHP), but you need to know HTML and CSS to format your output to look good. There is, however, a way to avoid that almost entirely by using one of the Supported Page Builders in Toolset.

To use these great tools you need a subscription from here (affiliate link). Considering how much time they save you when building advanced WordPress sites it's well worth it we think. Here are instructions on on how to install and register the plugins after you have bought them. We will soon release a Video on how it is done.

Toolset works with WordPress 3.4 and newer, and any WordPress theme.

For instance the following types of Web Sites can be built with Toolset's different Components:
  • Custom brochure sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Classifieds sites
  • Directory sites
  • Membership sites
Toolset Types plugin for WordPress

Toolset Types

The base plugin is Toolset Types. With it you can easily create your own:

  • Custom Post Types (e.g. Books or Movies)
  • Custom Fields (e.g. Release Year or Author)
  • Custom Taxonomies (e.g. Publishers or Countries)

On the web site (opens in new tab) the Museum is a Custom Post type with many Custom Fields and Taxonomies.

You can also create Advanced Relationships between the different database tables.

Toolset Views plugin for WordPress

Toolset Views

The Toolset Views plugin takes care of presenting your database data in many different forms such as:

  • a bullet list
  • a slider
  • a blog roll

See also the WooCommerce Views and Toolset Maps below.

Toolset Blocks plugin for WordPress

Toolset Blocks for Gutenberg

Still in Beta (June 2019). We will cover this plugin in future Video Trainings.

Toolset Layout plugin for WordPress

Toolset Layouts

This is a very rudimentary Page Builder that we don't use anymore since we switched to Beaver Builder. There are a number of Supported Page Builders by Toolset and we recommend that you use one of those to build your Front-end Display.

We will most likely not cover this plugin in our Video Trainings.

Toolset Forms (CRED) plugin for WordPress

Toolset Forms

The subscription also contains the Toolset Forms (previously CRED) plugin to make front-end forms for entering data that is saved to the database.

Toolset Access plugin for WordPress

Toolset Access

Restrict Access to certain parts of the site and database with passwords or by custom roles management with the Toolset Access plugin.

Toolset Views plugin for WordPress

Toolset WooCommerce Views

The Toolset WooCommerce Views plugin has elements specific for WooCommerce like a Add to Cart butoon, Sale Badge, and Price.

Toolset Google & Azure Maps plugin for WordPress

Toolset Maps - Google and Azure

The Toolset Maps plugin presents your data on one or several maps, provided you have coordinates or street addresses connected with your data. Both Google and Azure maps can be used.

Toolset Modules Manager plugin for WordPress

Toolset Module Manager

There are 2 parts to this plugin:

  1. Reuse your own creations as Modules by saving them to your hard drive.
  2. Upload Modules from Toolset with all setting done for you.
Toolset Module Framework plugin for WordPress

Framework Installer & Toolset Reference Sites

With Framework Installer you can install Reference Sites on your own WordPress site.

These are fully functional website designs that can be used as starting points for your own websites. They were created just using the Toolset plugins.

You choose one of them and adapt it to meet your and/or your client's requirements.

Currently (summer 2019) they there are the following sites to use:

  • Listing site – Travel Destinations
  • Directory website
  • WooCommerce site
  • Real estate site
  • Magazine site
  • Brochure site – My Company

You can also Import and Export the CPT:s and Taxonomies you create so you can reuse your work on other sites.