Adding and Editing a Row

To start with you will have to add a Row to your Beaver Builder website, Page or Post. To do this, head over to the Blue Plus on the top right of the screen, and navigate over to the second tab in the drop down called, Rows.

Here you will be presented with all of the options to easily add Columns to your Page or Post, and then add modules to them.

This time we are going to use a single Column Row. I want to add a Post Carousel Module to that Row, and then Save it to use in various places, with various parameters set. I will also cover how to make the saved Row Global, so that it can be displayed in multiple places, and edited in One. A very useful tip.

Post Carousel Module

The two articles I’ve written previously about Beaver Builder, can be seen on the front page of, and are also linked below:

They are small How to guides, like this one. A video embedded at the top which I will cover in another guide later, and screen shots with various steps.

Whilst I’m sure that you have gotten some useful information from the article, I thought, if someone had arrived to this post through Pinterest for example, then they would land directly on the article. They might not head back to the home page to see what other content is available. 

That was a long way of saying let’s add a ‘You might also like section’ using the Post Carousel Module for Beaver Builder. This is not only good for user retention, but also internal links are great for SEO.

Saving a Row

So we have our Single Column Row, and we want to add the Post Carousel Module to that. Head over to the Blue Plus once again, and drag and drop it onto the empty Row. You will be presented with the Post Carousel Module settings, which we will cover shortly. Just hit save for now, and we will Save the Row and then come back and adjust accordingly.

Now hover your mouse back on the Row with the new module in. If you have any posts, they should now be displayed. Hover over and click the Settings Spanner of the Row, not the Module.

Click Save As at the bottom of this dialog box, and you will be asked to give your Row a name, and if it should be global or not. If you do not want to make this Row Global, then that’s it, your all done!

Add your saved Row to your site

Now that you have created and saved a Row with a Module inside of it, you can add it anywhere you would like. Go to the Blue Plus top right of the Beaver Builder page, and click on the Saved Tab at the top of the Drop Down. Here you can see all of your saved Rows. Drag and drop them onto your web Page or Post. If your Row is set to Global, it will be an Orange Colour in this list for quick reference.

Using a Global Row in Beaver Builder

Your saved Rows are great, and you have used them in lots of places. Now let’s say that you have a scenario where you have Multiple Posts in the same category that are all tagged with Beaver Builder for example, and you want to display an ‘Articles like this section’(only Posts tagged with Beaver Builder) below your post. This could be a good use for a Global Row. Remember that when you edit a Global Row, it will make the changes on every one that is used.

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