Content Slider Module

Sliders are a great way to showcase your business, and add another aspect to the Hero section of your new or existing website. They are everywhere, and even if they are full of your favourite stock images, they will captivate your audience, and hopefully make them continue reading.


Beaver Builder makes it easy

When it comes to inserting a slider, Beaver Builder has you covered. Login to your WordPress admin section, and head over to Pages > Add New. Press the Beaver Builder tab or the Blue Launch Beaver Builder button.

There are a few settings in the advanced section that need to be looked at to optimize the look and feel of the slider.

The Beaver Builder Slider module is currently only available to premium customers. Having worked in the web design/development industry for over 5 years now, we truly believe that Beaver Builder is the answer to our website builder blues. Check out the affiliate link below, which will take you to the Beaver Builder page. Here you can try a demo, and or make a purchase. Using the link below will not cost you any more, if you make a purchase, then we will receive a small commission. So thanks in advanced.


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Step 1: Adding a Content Slider

Open up an existing page, or create a new one, and Launch Beaver Builder.


You may have some content on the page already, if you have I would suggest deleting the entire row, and starting from a blank page. We will make a Hero Slider, so it will be full width and at the top.

Click the plus button at the top of your Beaver Builder screen to see all the modules that you have available. We will concentrate on the Content Slider in this article. Click and drag the Content Slider Module over to the blank page and drop it there. You should now see the slider settings and can start to add some content.


Step 2: Content Slider settings

Once you have a few images added to the slider, you can start to edit some of the advanced settings to get the look that you want. Default will be fixed width, and fixed Content width. Mostly these days you would want to change that to Full width for both options.

Step 3: Adjusting the Content Width

You will also need to adjust the Content Width and Width of the Row the slider is in. Here you can also change the Height on the Row. Now head back into the settings for the Content Slider, and you should now have a Style tab. Here you can set the height and the Max Content Width of the slider.

Step 4: Finishing Up

You should now have a slider with some content that is looking quite nice. The video below shows the entire process of adding a slider using Beaver Builder, and will hopefully help you out through the process.

If you want your new page to be the Front Page of your WordPress site, you will need to change a few more settings to make that work. Head back to the Dashboard, and Appearance, and Customizer. Go down to Settings, and Homepage Settings. Click the radio box that says A Static Page, and then select your new page in the drop down. Click Publish and your done. Your new Beaver Builder Content Slider is on the front page of your site!


Be sure to check out the page I’ve made today: 

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